Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Country For Exhausted Men

I’m exhausted, I’m sweaty, I’m itchy, but I’m here.  Up at 4:30 this morning, and I lost an hour due to this Eastern Time business.  What a gyp.  Why can’t we all just be on the same hour?  If you didn’t like it dark at 5 in the afternoon, you could move.  This would bring more dispersion across the Midwest and give farmers a more reasonable market without having to ship their product clear across the country.  Yeah, people.  I’m thinking on the agricultural wavelength here.


It’s bizarre I’d be in that mindset with the fact that today I begin my residence in the greatest city in the world.  Well, self-proclaimed greatest city in the world.  I like it so far, don’t love it.  But that’s because I’ve been here not even 24 hours.  My deal is that I hate the beginning of things like this.  I love finding that swing a few weeks down the line and getting into the groove.  I am a drummer, after all. 


Let us recap the day.  It started off with a scramble to the airport.  My dad and mom were both on high strings and it was a comedy of errors minus the comedy.  Needless to say, we made it to our plane but our bags were not as fortunate.  They followed shortly after prompting an hour and a half wait at LaGuardia for us.  We got ‘em and made our way to the hotel my parents were staying at and then we immediately set off in search for the H&M I’m hopefully going to be working at. 


Our adventure then took us up to where I would be staying, Katy and Kristian’s apartment in Spanish Harlem.  Yes, sound harsh but it’s right on the verge if the Upper East Side.  Never have they felt threatened.  But I could care less.  I can’t thank them enough for opening their place to me when such little space is available.  It should be a glorious relationship.  From here on out, they will be known as K&K.  Got that?  Let’s move on.


We went back to the hotel and then back to K&K’s after lunch at Patsy’s, a pizza place.  There we caught up and unloaded my junk.  K&K went out and my parents and I got a burger right below the apartment at Joy’s, I believe it’s called.  I’ll double check tomorrow, but (whistle noise) it was dang good.  Try it sometime.  We then proceeded to Bryant Park to meet the one & only Jessika Doyle and Lauren.  We talked and laughed and shared moments right by the fountain of Friends (or if you’re a music nerd, The Rembrandt’s) fame.  CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!  They went their way for they had not enjoyed dinner yet and we went ours.  “Where to?” you ask.  The Empire State Building.


It was definitely cool.  The lights were bright, the wind was strong, and the street was far, far below.  I couldn’t help but want to throw a penny over the side.  Thanks to Mythbusters though, I knew it would be fruitless.  I snapped some pics with the lovely camera good ol’ Jeni let me procure and we tumbled down. 


Pretty much, that is it.  And here I am, back at the home base of K&K’s.  I have vehemently decided that this is not going to be an everyday event.  That’s ok though, maybe twice a week or if I do something extremely atypical on a single day.  I hope your Friday was wonderful and may your Saturday be the same.  Til next time, baby birds.


- Chase

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

Yes, I am Chase.  I thought I’d start off redundant if only to show that this little blog experiment is not going to be perfect.  It really doesn’t matter though cause only two people will see this: myself and the late-night version of myself that will most likely be the writer.  So I apologize to you, late-night self, because this is daytime Chase and I’m ready to rock and roll.  Or punk rock.  Or heck, pop rock.  I guess at this point I’m akin to every other wet-behind-the-ears noobist blogger:  ready to go, confident, excited, and annoying.  Hopefully as the summer wears on, I’ll get better.  But I’m making no promises that the annoyingness will alleviate. 


I want to do this so I will remember my time this summer in New York.  I always think I’ll remember things then I never do.  Well, never isn’t the right word because I can remember the most random junk.  (Like how Ocean’s 11 came out December 7th, 2001.  Go ahead.  Googs that.  I dare you.)  Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up and some new music gleaned from my internship at Bank Robber Music.  That’s why I’m there in the first place.  They do music licensing for TV/Film/Commercials which is my goal in life. 


As for other upfront things, let me explain why the blog is named The 206.  If you have spent any amount of personal time with me, you know the number 206 is a constant apparition in my life.  Sounds ridiculous, but again, if you have spent any amount of time with me, you know it’s true.  It starts with 206 bones in the body.  I continued to see it pop up here and there.  Finally, in the Academy- Award winning film (I think it won a BAFTA too.  No it didn’t.)  Dude, Where’s My Car?, the continuum transfunctioner was in locker number…well, you get the point.  So as if to give it more power in my life, I let it be the nomenclature to this expedition.  To give an example, I was reading The Far Side last night and one of the cartoons had 206 in it.  The cartoon is, “Non-singing canaries had to take wood shop.”  The cartoon depicted canaries taking wood-shop, something they were not obviously created to do, while working this toil in room number 206.  It just oozes evil, right?  Whatever.


I think this is it for the first post.  Again, I leave Friday.  Hopefully I’ll keep this up because my late-night self is gonna be hungry to read.  Til next time, baby birds. 


- Chase