Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Crappening

Look at me, two days later and here we are again.  I just wanted to put up a smidge of a post cause I’m bored.  First off, we didn’t make it into Conan.  Yeah, that sucked but we’ll try again another time.  Jessika,  Ashley, and their friend Kevin made it there at 8am and we were still numbers 48-51.  Only 33 and up were considered.  We decided we’ll actually reserve some tickets for July.  Our shutout yesterday did cause me to dream last night that we got to watch.  So weird.  Max Weinberg wasn’t even there in my dream.  But I did win a t-shirt.

Since that fell through, we sucked it up and, well, sucked it up.  It’s not that The Happening is a bad movie, per se, just a stupid one.  If you’ve enjoyed any one of Shyamalan’s films, I’d say go see this one.  But if you don’t like the guy’s work, stay away.  I will say that there is no real “twist” at the end so me saying I was spoiled in my last post doesn’t matter.  If you know what the title was of the first draft of the script Shyamalan submitted, you can pretty much deduce what causes “the happening.”  The man sure does have a visual style and knack for staging some scary scenes, but the story is just asinine.  Plus, I don’t think Mark Wahlberg knew what movie he was in.  Definitely not a memorable role.  Zooey, on the other hand, is good but the real draw is her eyes.  To quote Mike Birbiglia, they’re like space crystals.  Bottom line: proceed with caution.  It sucks because his next movie is based on the cartoon series Avatar so I can say with conviction he’s not going to redeem himself with me anytime soon.

We decided to cleanse the palate with another movie, one which I had seen,  The Fountain.  Directed by Darren Aronofsky of Requiem For A Dream fame, this movie was criminally overlooked.  I agree with one reviewer who said it is ahead of its time.  You might remember the trailer.  Check it out here.  It a gorgeous, well-acted tale that you can take away your own meaning.  The sad story is the horrid road to production.  It originally had Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett but got canceled and the budget was cut in half when the project was resurrected.  Check out the Wiki page for more info on this travesty.

Last day at Levi’s tonight.  Should be awkward since I already quit.  Oh well.  Onwards to H&M on Tuesday.  I’m really excited about it. 

Don’t forget Father’s Day.  Til next time, baby birds.

- Chase

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Sicknasty said...

Zooey was/is an angel. I saw it last night and she was incredible-especially her eyes.