Sunday, June 8, 2008

"I Just Gotta Be Me!" Said the Yellow Penguin

I’ve never really had the aspiration of celebrity.  It’s not something that I have looked forward to as a child, putting on shows with my sister singing the theme song to “Duck Tales” and “Chip ‘N Dale.”  Alright, that was too specific so you know it’s true.  But I could honestly care less if by the time of my death those that know me are only my friends and family.  That’s it.  I don’t need anymore.  The only reason I would want to be famous is to be associated with a body of work that I am proud of, that I could share with people.  Of course, like LOST.  Or also something music related.  Something that could bring people together, not just to have my name out there.  Ok, before I get all end-of-the-movie-introspective-wrap-up-with-a-grandiose-moral-outlook on you, let me get to the point:  New York City makes me wish I were a celebrity.


I look at Mike Myers staring at me in Times Square and I think, “Man, I wish that was me.”  Well, not in his present state because he’s staring at me from the Love Guru ads, smiling as if he knows what a heaping, money-growing turd he’s about to drop into pop-culture.  What a train wreck that’s going to be.  Or should be.  I’ve seen people laughing at the previews.  The dang thing should be called Austin Powers: The Curry Scurry. 


Now, I wish that was me only because I think of all the hassle that gets taken away of living in a huge city such as this when one is a celebrity.  You take taxis, you eat where you want, you can afford a $10.99/lb. bag of M&Ms at the M&Ms World store.  Do you have to struggle to find a job?  Only if you’re Scott Baio.  All I’m saying is, even being Bob Loblaw would have it’s benefits.  That’s the reason they all love this place is because they can feel an elitism and enjoy every, little thing the city has to offer without so much as batting an .223…eyelash.  That makes no sense, even to baseball fans.  I don’t know.  It’s just a fun thought.  Well, being Scott Baio isn’t a fun thought, but the whole celebrity…thing…I was…Moving on.


I started work at Levi’s in Time Square.  Yeah, it is nuts.  I can’t give you numbers, but this store is going to be the #1 Levi’s store on all of planet Earth.  It will sell exponentially more than any other top store.  And I work there.  Funny where you end up in life.  I spoke to people who in turn spoke to me in at least five different languages today.  How many celebrities can hold that record?  Not many.  And that is why I’m glad to be plain.  Like those $10.99/lb. bag of milk chocolate, plain M&Ms.  Did I bring it home for you folks?  I hope so.


Anyway, that’s it for today.  I wanna say boo to Gabe for being unoriginal.  Click his name to see why I boo.  On the new music front (at least new to me), check out Lackthereof,  it’s a side project of Menomena’s Danny Seim.  Also, if you’re into the whole revolution of female singer-songwriters (Feist, Spektor, Ingrid, Yael, etc.) check out Dawn Landes, Angela Desveaux, or Jennifer O’Connor.  They’ll for sure get you listening to them 1, 2, 3, 4 times as you begin to hope.  Too much?  Alright then.


Til next time baby birds.


- Chase


Jessika Doyel said...

and i quote:
"ugh it's so boring doing these things alone"-chase everett misenheimer

which is WHY i should've been called ya jerk.

im not bitter anymore. im letting it go. i swear

Cathy G said...

Chase I just sent you a real long comment but then I had to sign in or something and I guess it got lost. Anyway, I read your blog and I'm confused by most of it but I think you are having a wonderful time! HA! Tori and I will be in NYC June 24 - 27 and we want to take you out for a meal. We'll be at the "W" in Times Square. Bonnie says close to where you work??? I'll call your cell next weekend and see what will work. Stay safe and have a great summer ... hope to see you in two weeks! Love, Cathy G.